How to Quickly Get Your Product Noticed in a Crowded Market

Yes, you want to sell your product! So too is Mr. Jones and many others like him you are competing with. What gives your product any edge above all others is your ability to get it noticed more and faster than its competitors. How people see and perceive your product matters a lot in their decision process. You may have a good product that could satisfy the needs of the members of a particular market segment. But, they may not know that yet. So, you are left with the challenge of figuring out how to influence their perception of the product and getting them to try it out. Influencing people this way is the easiest thing to do but with these six tips, you can make the difficult task manageable.

01. Be sure you have a good product for the market. Marketing experts always say, “A good product sells itself.” If you spend time and efforts to get a good product in the market, you spend less to get it noticed in the market place. Once people who have used it start talking about its qualities, they not only come back for repeat purchases, they manage to bring more buyers in tow.

02. Work hard on converting a group of early adopters. It is now a proven marketing truism that when anything new comes into the market, some people will be more willing to give it a try than others. These are the early adopters. Bearing that in mind, your duty as a marketer is to offer significant incentives to induce an actual trial by these early adopters. Making available free samples is proper here, especially if your product is relatively inexpensive. With that, you are likely to get early satisfied customers who are likely to buy more in the future and could also tell many others about the product.

03. Use reality to alter perception. To be able to do this effectively, you must find ways to develop fact-based arguments that explain the value of your product very smoothly and easily to potential buyers. Take this pitch about a new soft drink such as, “Our new soft drink tastes the same as what you are currently drinking, but it has 40% lower sugar content and has no additives.” The health benefits of low sugar content and lack of additives really present this new drink as a healthier alternative which can easily sway some buyers to try it out.

04. Seek endorsements from people whose opinions others respect. Among the people you can go to for endorsements are highly visible and well-known product experts/professionals. These people are known experts in their fields and whatever they say always carries a lot of weight and helps to sway public opinion. When such people endorse your product and speak up for it that helps to influence a great deal public perception of the product.

05. Use demonstrations to highlight the value of the product you are offering. If you seek to displace an established incumbent in the market place, you must explore ways to use side-by-side comparisons. They are very effective in molding opinions. If the benefits of your product manifest quickly either by way of live or video demonstrations, it is possible to get your message across more powerfully. That helps to get your product noticed pretty quickly as a result.

06. Target and use societal influencers. Among the people you can go to for testimonials are people whom many others look up to and whose opinions influence a lot of people in the society. In this group of people are athletes, pensioners, senior citizens, sports persons, religious leaders, ex-service men/women and war veterans. The idea is, if the right people are known to use your product, many others could be induced to give it a try. For example, manufacturers of athletic equipment often give free products to high-visibility athletes or teams. Some manufacturers of sports equipment often give game jerseys to selected football teams as long as the company’s trademark swoosh is visible. The athletes who wear the jerseys are “influencers” and do prompt others to buy this or any another product the company is making. The idea of donating free sports equipment for trials works extremely well to get a product easily noticed in a crowded market place.