Be a Magnet for Associates and Clients With a Winning Personality

How can you demonstrate a winning personality to attract business partners that will help you grow, and build a solid client base?

Small Gestures That Count

Make the most of old and new acquaintances. Ideally, greet them in a courteous and warm manner, by putting a smile on your face and giving a handshake (or a virtual hello). Small gestures can speak volumes about your intentions and your interest in others. If it becomes apparent that you genuinely care about them/their work and respect them, they will usually appreciate it, and could become open and more receptive to your proposals, services, or products.

How to Treat Others

Your courteous manner can go a long way towards gaining the recognition and eventually the engagement of collaborators and clients.

So treat others with:

and a non-judgmental attitude.

In other words, treat them the way you would like to be treated!

Make Yourself Useful

Also, don’t hesitate to assist others when you can, as long as this won’t disrupt or deter your business plans. Your caring attitude will be a sort of promotion for your work; and, eventually, it might be reciprocated, even if this does not happen immediately or directly. So get involved in community projects voluntarily or even offer online mentoring to someone who can benefit from your support. One way or another, you will be able to make yourself useful to somebody else. We all have something valuable to contribute to the life of someone else. Be conscious about your activities – without expectation but openness.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Make sure you leverage your connections. You never know where they may lead to: A person you meet in a social gathering may serve as a link between you and new collaborators and clients. Be ready to establish new connections even in unusual places; you can’t expect to make contacts in business networking events only. So keep your eyes open for potential business opportunities on other occasions too.

Develop the Image of an Expert

You also need to develop the image of an expert in your industry. So curate it with a professional profile on your website, which will include content pertinent to your client’s needs and questions; and also highlight your association with other estimable professionals. In this way, you greatly enhance your credibility and become the obvious choice for clients, who generally don’t want to risk when they seek to make a purchase. Your appearance as “expert” will obviously vary based on your field, but people will often use visual and verbal cues as they consider you for their own communities or in a potential partnership.