How to Plan, Execute, and Evaluate a Killer Corporate Event

Corporate events are a great chance to get the team together for some fun, bonding, and laughs. As a great way to get to know everyone, the best way to ensure maximum fun is to plan, execute, and evaluate a killer corporate event. Throwing a party in the office is as out-of-date as the typewriter. If you want to really impress all the guests of your corporate function, keep these awesome tips in mind. (Don’t forget to bring the fun with you!)

Plan something out of the ordinary

Think of old school fun here. Pizza, sodas, arcade games, and mini-golf are a few throwbacks that’ll have the guys talking about the event for weeks after. Everyone likes to let their inner child do a little running around and giggling every once in a while. Treat your guests to something out of the ordinary for your killer corporate event.

Plan to rent a space

You know you’ve got a crowd on your hands, so be sure to call ahead to the venue of your choice and reserve a space. Sometimes the venue might even throw some sweet discounts your way just for choosing their spot and bringing a nice, big crowd. Depending on the place you’ve chosen, you may need to book weeks to months in advance, so try to call and book a place as early as possible. This will work in your favor when it comes time to send out invites, which you can do early to get a good head count.

Execute it by offering freebies to your guests

If you’ve chosen to go with a cool place that offers games, batting cages, mini-golf, and the like, offer your guests a couple of tokens or playing coins to get them started. This small gesture will be much appreciated by your guests and will get the fun started without any hesitation.

Execute it by remembering to take photos

You’re definitely going to want to remember those laughable moments at your awesome corporate event, so be sure to put a person in charge of the company camera. Bring along silly props to hand out to your team so they can don them as they snap up photos. After the event, create a special wall of photos from the big event. If you created a Facebook event page for your corporate event, go ahead and upload them so that your guests can feel free to tag each other, share them on their own Facebook pages, and show off to their friends what an awesome company you are!

Evaluate it by taking a survey

The best way to improve your events is by accepting feedback, so create a quick survey to pass around the office come Monday for comments about the corporate event. Add a little box at the end for suggestions and keep these ideas in mind when it comes time to create the next big event.