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How To Do Advertising And Marketing of A Product

Advertising and marketing form important chains in the process of distribution of the products produced. They are important functions that help the customers possess the product they require. Advertising and marketing are inter-related but marketing is a broader aspect and advertising just forms a part of it. It is very interesting to learn how to do advertising and how to do marketing of a product.

Marketing is a broader term than advertising. It involves everything from the systematic planning and implementation of all functions from identifying the customer’s needs, advertising for the product produced, and ultimately placing the product in the hands of the customer where the customer and seller are mutually benefited by it. How to do marketing of a product is a highly specialized operation. Advertising is just about bringing the product to the notice of the customer and also educating him of its need and how it is advantageous than other products in the market.

How to do advertising is a very specialized function and involves telling the good of the product in a persuasive way. This can be done by various ways especially by putting advertisements in newspapers and magazines, putting up hoarders in important public places and also by announcements and displays in television and radio. Advertising can be word of mouth also. It involves getting all the knowledge about the product or service to the notice of the customer. How to do advertising involves developing plans of how frequently the advertisement is to be put, how the display is to be made to elicit curiosity and then create an interest in the customer to buy the product. Since this is got much to do with the putting of the product in the customer’s hand it involves a lot of expenses too. You may wonder why but the process of how to do advertising involves besides the regular methods involves distributing notices, sending direct and e-mail messages, sending sms messages and also writing articles and blogs on the internet.

Now what does the marketing of a product involve? Marketing of a product involves not only advertising but also many more functions. First of all marketing the product involves marketing research. This is a very important function and involves studying the market to see what products sell, the type of customers buying that product and also what should be the optimum price of the product. Besides it involves media planning, the media to be used to bring the knowledge of the product or service to the knowledge of the customer. Then it involves public relations another important aspect, besides customer support operations, and pricing policy. Not only has this marketing of a product also involved sales strategies and distribution function too.

How to do advertising and marketing of a product are two very important operations and the profits of a company depend to a large extent on how effectively these 2 functions are carried out. So a lot of thoughts and efforts go into the adverting and marketing of a product.